We're off to the races.

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Today I launched Origin.

A Ghost theme for those who want a minimal, but powerful, personal blog.

I guess you could say its the best launch day I've had because I actually made money from it. Enough to pay for the theme's hosting, domain and analytics for a while which is great!

The coolest part of the theme release was seeing them upload it straight after buying it. Its the first time I've ever seen my creation out in the wild.

I forgot how fun sharing stuff is on Twitter. It's so easy to be bulding in the dark as an indie dev and I'm definitley guilty of that recently. I don't have a big following of Ghost users so I was so suprised that my tweet reached some of them. My tweet was more successful then the actual Ghost forum post I shared earlier today!

From now on, if I ever ask myself "should I share this?", I'm cracking open Typefully and getting to the point.

Next up, is getting some validation for another Ghost idea I have. This time, it's going to get SaaSy.

I want to make a way for members of a Ghost site to be able to contribute to the site's content.

Plans for validation:

  • Make a very quick prototype (max 1 day)
  • Share dev of prototype on Twitter to get some feedback
  • Make a landing page with a video or demo of the prototype (max 1 day)
  • Share ... everywhere.
  • Maybe DM some people that interracted with the Origin theme post I originally shared.

Lets see if I can get something out the door on Friday.